Transfers Information

Transfer Types By Traventuria

Traventuria Ltd. is a fully licensed transport provider for the territory of Bulgaria, which offers the following types of transfers from Sofia Airport to Borovets Area:
1. Shuttle Transfers (with Fixed Departure Schedule)
2. Semi-Private Transfers
3. Private Transfers
Here below you may read more details about the different transport services from Sofia Airport to the Borovets area, provided by Traventuria during the winter season of 2023/2024.

1. Shuttle Transfers with Fixed Departure times

FIXED SHUTTLE TRANSFERS (BEST-SELLER) – this is the most affordable and budget-friendly way to travel from Sofia Airport to Borovets.

For the new 2023/2024 winter season, Traventuria will operate regular Everyday Shuttles (Shuttle transfers) between Sofia Airport and Borovets Area on a fixed departure schedule.
Drop-off locations for the regular everyday shuttle transfers are either our Ski & Board Shop in Borovets at Hotel Ela ground floor (Traventuria Office) or your accommodation in the resort (additional charges for a hotel drop-off may apply).
The Everyday Shuttles have fixed departure times and will not wait for any late passengers, delayed luggage or similar.
Everyday Shuttles are very similar to regular bus lines, but unlike them, with Traventuria’s everyday Shuttle Transfers, customers may add drop-off at hotels, may add child seats, may have bus tracking and many additional benefits of smaller vehicle travelling.
Find below the timetables for the Fixed Everyday Shuttle Transfers from/to Borovets Area:


Period Departure Sofia Terminal 1 Departure Sofia Terminal 2 Arrival Borovets
13.01.24-26.03.24 12:00 12:15 ~ 13:30
23.12.23-06.04.24 13:30 (Tuesdays and Fridays only) 13:40 (Tuesdays and Fridays only) ~ 15:00
23.12.23-06.04.24 14:30* 14:45* ~ 16:05
28.12.23-02.04.24 19:30 19:45 ~ 21:05
13.01.24-26.03.24 22:30 22:45 ~ 00:05
*This line does NOT operate on Tuesdays and Fridays

FIXED SHUTTLE DEPARTURE TRANSFERS from Borovets to Sofia airport:

Period Departure Borovets Hotel Departure Borovets Traventuria Office (hotel Ela) Arrival Sofia Airport
13.01.24-26.03.24 08:30 ~ 10:00
23.12.23-06.04.24 10:15 10:30 ~ 12:00
23.12.23-06.04.24 10:15 10:30 ~ 12:00
28.12.23-02.04.24 16:15 16:30 ~ 18:00

2. Semi-Private Transfers

You will share the vehicle with other passengers from (or for) the same flight and as soon as the last one from the group is collected you will start the journey to Borovets (or Sofia airport).
Semi-private transfer services (like the Shuttles services) have fixed departure times and (like a private transfer service) are a private taxi (van) for your group.
People who have chosen the Semi-Private transfer services benefit from flight monitoring. We will always wait for their luggage and wait at least 1 hour and 30 min for flight delay. With the Semi-Private service, you will not have to worry about being picked up at the airport, even if your flight is delayed.
If, however, your flight is delayed by more than аn hour and a half, we will put you on to the next available transfer. This may mean a longer wait than normal, a downgrade in transfer type, or some cases a charge for waiting time.
To keep their travel costs down, people who have chosen the Semi-Private transfer services, have agreed that other passengers from earlier flights may join with their transfer, thus this type of transfer is called: Semi-Private.
If you make a reservation for a departure time other than the fixed shuttles (at 12:00, 13:30, 14:30, 19:30 and 22:30), this means that you have been booked a ticket onto a Semi-Private line. Please note that in this case you still have a regular shuttle ticket and it is not possible to upgrade it to a Semi-private. Just like on any shuttle service, it is your responsibility to be there on time and you will not be waited for if your flight is delayed or in case of any other circumstances restricting you from catching the bus. However, since the line is Semi-Private, if the flight of the group that has booked a Semi-Private service is delayed, you may have to wait for up to an hour and a half for them (as a result of their flight or luggage delays).
Since we are somewhat limited by the capabilities of our booking system to show this information during the booking process, in case those conditions are not OK with you, you can cancel your reservation free of charge (if during your reservation process) or board another shuttle service that departs in a more suitable time for you (*subject to availability).

3. Private Transfers

You will travel alone; as soon as you are collected you will start the journey to Borovets (or Sofia airport);
As with the Semi-Private service, clients with Private transfer services are welcomed at the airport Arrivals hall, by our driver with a sign (may just be your name on a phone as well).
Private transfer service departs right after the last person (with his/her luggage) from your reservation is present and does not wait for other transfers or passengers.
If your flight is late, we will wait for you for an hour and a half after your flight arrival scheduled time. If your flight/train is delayed for more than one and a half hours, we will put you on to the next available transfer. This may mean a longer wait than normal, a downgrade in transfer type, or in some cases a charge for waiting time.

> Important notes about Private and Semi-Private Transfer Services.

Private and Semi-Private services are welcomed at the Airport by our driver with a sign (may be just your name on a phone).
Our drivers are experts at handling airport transfers; they keep track of planes and are there to pick you up as soon as you pass through passport check and luggage retrieval. However, if there are any sudden problems with your passport or bags, please contact us right away.
Any alternative travel arrangements you may make that are not authorized by our Customer Service team will be non-refundable.
For transfers back to the airport, the driver will wait up to 10 minutes after the selected pick-up time.

> What happens if my flight is delayed (valid for Private and Semi-Private services only)?

We will make an effort to keep track of any airline delays that might affect arrival transfers, but it is ultimately your obligation to verify that the flight information you provided to us at the time of booking is accurate. While every attempt is made to keep an eye on these circumstances, we do ask that you let us know as soon as a new projected arrival time becomes available.

If your flight/train for your Private or Semi-Private service is delayed by less than one hour then your normal transfer terms for waiting times will apply.

If your flight/train is delayed by more than one hour we will put you on to the next available transfer. This may mean a longer wait than normal, a downgrade in transfer type, or in some cases a charge for waiting time.

We will not give you a refund for the money you paid for your original transfer or contribute to any additional travel expenses you incur if you decide you do not want to wait for a vehicle to become available for you and want to make your own alternative travel arrangements. On request, we will send you a written explanation of any additional charges that were incurred, which you could use to submit a claim to your travel insurance.

Flight delays are beyond our control and we appreciate your understanding should this affect your transfer. We will always do our best to minimize delays and reschedule transfers.