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When picking out a destination for a ski trip it’s always good to book beforehand your transportation. For those of you who live close to a resort, getting there may be just a matter of packing up the car and driving there. But for those of you who have to fly out, even a 10km trip from the airport may be hell with all your luggage during the winter. If you’re coming to Borovets there are many different forms of transportation you can use and we will cover them in the article.

Just 70km south-east of the Bulgarian capital you can find the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria. Established in 1896, Borovets was first used as a vacation getaway for Bulgarian elite. Now it’s one of the best family resorts in Bulgaria. It’s located in the Rila Mountain range, close to the city of Samokov. There are two airports close by that you can travel from – Sofia and Plovdiv.

> AIRPORT SHUTLLES (shared/private service; either way door-to-door)


driving in winter to borovets


Probably the safest, easiest and most hassle-free way to travel to Borovets is by hiring a private or shared shuttle to transfer you from the airport straight to your hotel. These can only be booked in advance and will be waiting for you at the airport to drive you directly to your destination. The total travel time by car/van is approx. 1,15 hours from Sofia Airport, out of rush hour and with good road conditions.

+++ PROS +++

> CHEAP (if shared)! Prices can be as low as 8 Euros per person each way, depending on the group size and the transfer provider.
> Some companies offer free wi-fi for the whole trip, which will definitely make the trip seem like less than an hour.
> Professional drivers who speak some English.
> Direct drive from Airport to Hotel.
> Enough room for luggage and skis (if you are carrying your own).
> Saves you the stress from driving in Bulgaria with a hired car, especially if it’s snowing.
> Most companies offer personalized transport services upon request.
> Some transport companies often offer special discounted packages for ski school & equipment rental (for example 
– – – CONS – – – 
> Advertised low prices per person are often valid for groups of 12-17 people. You need to check exact rate and conditions prior booking.
> Not all companies that offer such services are legally licensed to do so (if something goes wrong, good luck getting your money back or raising a claim with your insurance company, which won’t cover anything if you have engaged with illegal business). Always book with licensed tour operators (many of these will try to fool you showing their registration number, which has nothing to do with the transportation services license number)!
> You may have to wait at the airport for other flights and passengers to arrive before starting the ride (if the service is shared).


Another way to get to Borovets is by hiring a normal cab from the airport. This is also an easy way to ruin your trip from day one, as cab drivers can sometimes not be what you were expecting, overcharge you or decline the service if you have too much luggage. Note that almost all taxi cabs in Bulgaria have an LPG or Methane bottle in their boots, so even less space for luggage, let alone ski bags if you’re bringing your own. The price offered by OK Supertrans is appr. 60 Euro per direction (as of 2017). They have an office in the airport terminal itself with English-speaking staff that will assist you to your car. If you do decide to go by taxi from Sofia, we suggest you go with OK Supertrans (“OK Супертранс” in Bulgarian), as they are the most reliable.

+++ PROS +++

> Personal service straight from the airport to your hotel.
> You can stop anywhere you want along the way, such as a low commission change bureau (this will cost you extra).
> Arguably slightly faster than the shuttle (which doesn’t mean safer).
– – – CONS – – – 
> Drivers in most cases will not speak English and may not know exactly where to drop you off in Borovets.
> Small space for luggage (if you’re a group of 3 be ready for a tight fit).
> It’s not impossible for the driver to charge you extra (you will never know the amount you will pay until you get there unless this is something you have agreed upon before the ride).
> A lot of taxi drivers don’t buy new tires every season, which is very risky if it’s snowing.
> There is a big chance to be grabbed by fake taxi drivers with cars, very similar in terms of logos to the OK Supertrans cabs (i.e. CK Supertrans, OK Supershans etc.)
> If the car breaks in the middle of the road no substitute vehicle will be secured to finish the journey with you.

For the travelers who prefer to be more self-reliant, another option is renting your own car from the airport. This is often а more expensive option and you will be left driving yourself the whole trip, something you probably do enough of at home. Car rental is defiantly not for inexperienced drivers either, as traffic in Bulgaria can be unpleasant and even the smallest of auto troubles can stop your good time dead in its tracks. Prices vary depending on when you want to travel and how long in advance you book your car. We would suggest renting out a 4WD car, as road conditions can be very bad if it’s snowing. Also always check how reputable is the car hire company (trying to find TripAdvisor reviews of it) before making a reservation.

+++ PROS +++
> Full freedom to go where and when you please.
> Privacy during the trip.
> Well serviced cars with good winter tires.
– – – CONS – – – 
> Expensive, considering the fact you will only be driving there and back, but not for the rest of your stay in Borovets (say 5-6 more days).
> Some car hire companies (even the big ones) have many hidden charges.
> Parking in Borovets isn’t regulated very well. The local administration lifts cars that are parked in the wrong place, even if there is no sign. This will result in a hefty fine.
> Road conditions can be bad if it’s snowing. Fallen rocks on some of the road turns are normal and drivers should be careful. If you lack experience driving in snow conditions, better waive the car hire as an option.
> Street parking in the center of Borovets and close to the ski lifts is not free (not to mention the fact that sometimes places to park are totally missing). Many hotels do not have parking places for their customers, or these are very limited in number (check with your hotel reception).

For those of you looking for the cheapest option, are staying in Sofia before going to Borovets, or just prefer a more local approach, you can travel by public transport. There are buses every 30-60 minutes from bus station “South” that go to the city of Samokov. From there you will need to transfer to a bus for Borovets and then walk to your hotel (which may be 3-4km out of the resort). Total travel time from Sofia to Samokov is about 1:20 hours. Samokov to Borovets is another 20-30 minutes.

+++ PROS +++

> Cheap!
> Different experience.
– – – CONS – – – 
> Longer travel time!. The bus is slower and stops at different stations along its path.
> Getting to the bus station after your flight can be troublesome.
> Don’t expect the driver to speak any English.
> Theft: keep an eye on all your luggage at the various stops.
> You will arrive at the new center of Borovets (close to the Gondola) and will have to make your own way to your hotel.
> You may be denied boarding in case you bring your own skis/boards, which take too much space in the bus luggage room.

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